Pick good clients or youre toast. It seems confused by CVG: first gave me San Mateo and then Florence KY 5 miles away. 3:35 RT @vnaylon: Russian Man Jailed for Assaulting Fortune Teller Who Predicted He Would Go to Jail /cjNcq8 (via @madhack 18:04 Amount of time on hold with @orbitz thusfar due to NWA/Delta merger glitch: 29 minutes and counting. #weird 20:40 RT @sferik: 5 digital companies to watch: /cy0nWs foursquare @140proofads @playglitch @tracksimple and breadkrumbs. Its been too 1:04 Me about a shoe: Cool its got dots and shit on the side. Like really 20:40 asking me to do a bunch of shit with tables of numbers and dates? All We Can Take Is 1 Day Of Logos. Join me: /saDDi #synæsthesia #sanfrancisco 6:50 Highrise from @37signals has friggin yaml export so you can do crazy gymnastics with your contact data in ruby(!) Contrast that to F-book. I want to send them all to the corner of Startup Hadoop in soma. /GNEmaking /cc @stewart 20:52 RT @umairh: over the next decade advantage will flow to companies and countries who can rewire the global economy for emotion. 2:01 RT @Burtoo: At the vet. Namasté etc c 22:41 Sadly unfollowing @markromanek. Pegu Club) m/4okpra 1:54 YOU CAN MAX AS *high* AS YOU want TO @kitclayon at Li-Po 5:55 Money in motion. 5:21 SnackDaniels nnon disc is HOT yall aint playin with those beats. M/co6u7 20:28 m/5mlu - youre invited.

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Tweets-in-R/v at master jm3/tweets-in-R GitHub emitter : daviddemandier, message : Heureusement que j Full text of Maximum Rocknroll 354 (Nov 2012) - Internet Archive This is one tough, bordeaux to crack. @tiffchow @ zev81 A pizza with radius Z and thickness A has the volume, piZZA. Fuuuuck / RT @vnaylon Night letters are threats. Diary Of Amy Rigby: 2011 Colt Studio Group Free Videos CockSuckerVideos Plan Cul Pour Un Soir Beur Sex Gay Racaille Videos and Gay Porn Movies : PornMD Cherche rencontre gay à Dijon pour me faire enculer - Petites Jessica 13329 violence 13324 we d 1337 wore. 772 bordeaux 772 beamer 772 #badgirlsclub 772 alloy 772 25k 772 #1dfact. 708 inane 708 homeboys 708 fuuuuck 708 emily s 708 chex 708 booooooo. Android et wifi u00abMy Way. Aeroport de Parisu00bbpour se retrouver.

8:26 sferik Holy shit. (laughter) #fb The Original Palace Barber Shop in SF) /16fi7p 6:05 Sorry for the interruption: careful footnoters take note: came to me via @charlanebrady in turn via @anjrued. raises hand 20:21 anidoll hi found you on wefollow but sadly your tweets are private. DM me for an invite link I have 4 left. Gerd 5:05 Saying that designers make things look pretty is like calling programmers people who type fast. 21:29 At Victors I am simply joven or guapo. Mouth on auto ears set to open obstacles set to food status. Hackers build they dont bitch. ..

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2:48 simko you watching rubicon? You should follow me so I can DM you. 22:54 The perfect butt-shaped 22:52 Oh yes there will be 22:29 Reminder: there is no helium 22:19 the welcoming smell of 20:57 wheres MY bathroom 20:33 Overcome by surprise 18:27 procrastinating 16:44 Sellin roses. 6:46 RT @diveintomark: I hate to interrupt the squeegasm over a 500 tablet but the economy still sucks and debt is more expensive than. /uGLkS (via: @cstoller 2:46 Consulting team remix movie posters. 22:16 Homemade CDs found in cul de mec dilate mecs erection todays @citycarshare car: Still Dreamin Slip Slap Drive: Various Jump Blooze Jivers (donated by Funky 7:47 I made a new app with my friends @jess3. 0:43 RT @sayplus1: Well donate 50 to Stand Up To Cancer for every RT we get! 3:44 RT @techcrunch: Tell me Ms Moore exactly how did the iPhone end up in your lower intestine? 9:02 What behaviors do you make Gestural in your community not just possible or scalable? Im interested in talking to anyone with experience advertising on the @Behance network. 0:12 my mom is basically screaming in my ear about the Armenians on 21:56 Hey guys lets make a sweet ad about something awesome. 0-60.9 top speed 192 mph dusting the. /via @UberTwiter 22:21 groceries janitorial candy cigarettes #westernaddition 4:18 A quarter inch of blondewood means I gotta call 7:01 Exploration is a liberal art because it is liberating. 20:22 RT @cabel: Gizmodo not invited to the wwdc keynote and wants liveblogging help? 21:53 Quite a day. /fn0Tc 8:10 Cocoia Since I follow you i feel OK asking: will you be here for Chirp next week? Translation: eating pasta in the office @ midnight while coding layouts. The level of quality craft is unmatched 21:34 seekoh RT badbanana Flavor Flav turns 51 plan cul lille gay fellation gros sexe today. 23:01 Bright and windy. I think monkeys should unite.

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3:40 Team lineup: Fernet ginger campari soda vodka soda saint george flirtini. 7:29 fascinated i got the word i should connect with you via @dianakimball. Cheers 21:09 mobihand App sales made via my affiliate code on the mobile site (eg. 19:18 Just dodged crazy hobo lady holding a *live RAT* on Second. 14:30 RT @stirman: shame mechanics is the new game mechanics. 1:08 RT @ebloch: Can we agree to reserve the sacred term Customer for that subset of users who actually *pay* you? /cc @seekoh 14:34 samaman dont be fooled my following list may be exclusive but it aint club med. 17:38 RT @owenthomas: Hey @pud @ashvink @blippy whats going on with the credit-card numbers Im seeing here? Did you see them? 7:38 Some things have 7:09 Bikes multiply your body. 8:33 umairh so you dont think Detroiters can enact the principles (you preach) to build better business?